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Elliptical Pick of the Day:

Nordic Track Elite 15.0

Price: $1599

[ Full Review ]


Stride: 20 - 22"

User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Full Color Console

iFit LIVE Built-In

iPod Dock

Special Benefits:

  • Full Color Web Browser - Surf the 'net or read your email while you workout!
  • Incline and Decline - Decline or incline for better crosstraining!
  • Full HD Video Workouts - Tour beautiful Hawaii with 2 built-in video workouts on the full color 10" screen!

Click Here For Special Pricing on the Nordic Track 15.0

Popular Elliptical Reviews:

Nordic Track Elliptical

You'll find everything from longer strides to power inclines to video workouts and even web browsers on these crosstrainers.

All starting for around $599 and up!

elliptical reviews - nordic track

Smooth Elliptical

Known for being highly stable and ultra-smooth, these ellipticals also use a rollerless design to reduce noise.

Their Agile Trainers also give you 12 different elliptical motions.

Smooth elliptical trainer reviews

Livestrong Elliptical

Built to be more comfortable than other starter brand, these ellipticals give you closer foot pedals and lower step-on heights.

Starting from $799, they also give you incline and 20" strides!

elliptical reviews - livestrong

Sole Elliptical

These commercial grade machines are heavy on construction and proper ergonomics.

Learn how they rate and what they give you.

Elliptical reviews - Sole

Proform Elliptical

Known for being super-affordable you'll find a wide range of starter machines with this brand.

Other highlights include adjustable strides and incline.

Proform elliptical review

Did You Know...

Stride Length is the furthest distance between the elliptical pedals. A longer stride is considered better because it recruits more leg muscles into the elliptical motion (and burns more calories)

3 Different Types of Ellipticals:

Buying a crosstrainer? When reading elliptical reviews, you'll probably notice there are a lot of different designs out there.

Most people don't realize that there are 3 different types of elliptical trainers - front drive, rear drive and side flywheel design.

Front drive ellipticals have the flywheel in front of the pedals and tend to give you a more 'climbing' elliptical motion.

front drive elliptical traine
rear drive elliptical traine

Rear drive machines place the flywheel in behind the pedals.

These crosstrainers tend to give you a flatter 'running' elliptical motion.

Some users also feel that rear flywheel designs also give a little bit more momentum or 'kick' when you push forward in the elliptical motion.

Side flywheel design places 2 smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals. These machines are not as popular but they tend to place the user more upright on the machine.

dual side flywheel desig

Which design is best? There's no consensus really. It depends on what kind of motion you prefer.

What is most important is to ensure you have good construction, high stability, a smooth ride and proper ergonomic design.

For ellipticals that fall into this category, see our Best Elliptical Machines.

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