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Who Are We and How Do We Rate Elliptical trainers?

Best-Elliptical-Reviews.com is run by a team of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

We have been reviewing fitness equipment - including elliptical trainers - for over 8 years on other sites like ellipticaltrainerreview.com, amazon and ezinearticles.

Unlike other review sites we actually "walk the walk". We go to fitness trade shows to see the new models, talk to manufacturers and try out as many ellipticals as we can get our hands on!

Best-Elliptical-Reviews.com was created to help you know what to look for when buying, how to find a great value elliptical - and which crosstrainer is right for you.

How Do We Rate Elliptical Trainers?

First of all we try to come at our reviews froma buyer's point of view.

Not someone working in the fitness manufacturing industry (who uses lots of technical jargon that most buyers don't understand).

We try to explain what elliptical features mean to you in 'plain english'. Here are some of the other features we consider when reviewing and rating the crosstrainers:

1) Construction Quality - Is this machine built to last you a long time? Will it stand up to heavy, rigorous use? Or is it meant for light use only?

2) Comfort and Design Quality - Is this elliptical designed with proper ergonomics? Does it have features like pivoting footpedals to support your ankle throughout the movement? Does it have a heavier flywheel for a smoother feeling ride?

3) Console Size & Features - Is the console window large enough to read? Is it backlit? What options do you have?

4) Comparison To Similarly Priced Models - How does this particular elliptical compare to other similarly priced models on the market? Does it give you more or less that similar crosstrainers?

5) Expert and User Reviews - Does this elliptical rate any "Best Buys" from experts like Consumer Reports or Prevention magazine? What are the general reviews people send us on this machine? What are the user reviews we find tend to say about this crosstrainer?

From there we give the elliptical a rating and a review with both the major strengths and weaknesses of the crosstrainer - so you can decide if it's the right fit for you!

We hope you find this site useful and thank you for visiting. To get started reviewing ellipticals by brand, check out our brand reviews here.

Got a question or want to email us with your review of a certain elliptical? Visit our Contact Us page.

Or if you just want to know the best elliptical buys at this particular moment, see our Best Elliptical Buys page.

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