Buying An Elliptical

3 Steps Finding Your Best Crosstrainer!

Buying an elliptical but not sure where to start?

You came to the right place! You have more options than ever these days with ellipticals.

You need tips on how to choose the best one for you.

So here's a simple step-by-step guide to buying a crosstrainer for you home.

3 Steps To Buying Your Elliptical:

Step #1 Determine How Much Use Your Elliptical Will Get

Ask yourself how much you're planning to use the elliptical. Every day? Frequently or just occasionally? Will others be using it as well?

Classify this into either light use, medium use or heavy use. This will help you know which category of elliptical you need.

Step #2 Determine Which Category of Elliptical You Need

Now that you know how much use your elliptical will get, this will tell you which category of elliptical you'll need.

There are 3 basic categories - starter, mid-priced and commercial grade machines (you can call them other things like basic, intermediate and advanced for example, but that's how I sort them).

For light, occasional use and one user only elliptical machines, you can probably save a bit and go with a starter model.

For medium use or 1 - 2 users, you are probably looking at a mid-priced or high end home model. And for heavy use and multiple users it's best to go with a commercial grade machine.

Here's a brief rundown of each category:

Starter - These ellipticals are generally under $800 and come with simple construction.

They may have a 16 - 20" stride and a 300 pound user weight capacity or less. They probably have static, fixed (not articulating) foot pedals.

Popular brands for starter ellipticals are Proform and some lower end Nordic Tracks.

Mid-priced or Mid-level - These crosstrainers go from $800 up to $2000, depending on the make and features.

These are generally more sophisticated with better consoles, tougher construction and higher user weight capacities (300 - 350 pounds).

They usually have some form of proper ergonomic design (i.e. footpedals angled correctly, articulating plates, etc.) to make longer workouts comfortable. You'll also get more workout features and options as well.

Popular brands that sell mid-level machines include Nordic Track and some of the lower range Smooth models.

Commercial Grade - These are the top line of ellipticals, some may be labelled "light commercial".

They usually range in price from $1500 - $4000 and are built to take heavy, prolonged use with high user weight capacities (400 lbs and up).

These machines are designed with proper ergonomics, supportive footpedals and all the bells and whistles in terms of workout programs, console features and more. They definitely have incline and sometimes may even have different elliptical motions (like a variable motion trainer).

Popular brands that sell these types of ellipticals are Smooth and Sole.

Step #3 Start Shopping Around

Now that you have a basic idea of what category of elliptical you need, it's time to start shopping around. You can go to different stores or shop online.

The benefit to shopping online is that you can generally find a larger selection and even read reviews and do more detailed research before buying.

Stores may let you try out the elliptical - which is great - but they also tend to have older models and can make you feel pressured to buy.

So those are some tips on buying an elliptical trainer. Regardless of what you choose to do, take your time and do your research beforehand.

The good news is that these days there are so many great ellipticals out there - it's easy to find a high quality machine! To get started, check out the elliptical brand reviews here.

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