Elliptical Workout Tips

3 Tips To Burn More Calories On Your Trainer

Looking for elliptical workout tips? Want to get more from your crosstrainer?

There are ways to burn more calories with your elliptical workout.

elliptical workout tip

This article will give you 3 key tips the most people don't know about:

#1 Don’t Slouch

You’ve probably seen people at the health club doing this. They look exhausted and are working at the highest resistance level on the elliptical.

But they’re hanging all over the machine. Guess what? They’re not really doing that much.

Because they’re leaning on the machine for support, this drastically cuts the amount of work their body is actually doing – so the calories burned are much less.

So if you want to burn more calories, stand up straighter and don’t lean on the machine. Only touch the side handrails or console for balance if you need it.

#2 Change It Up

One of the reasons we burn less calories over time on fitness equipment is because our bodies adapt. They get more efficient when doing the same motion over and over again.

elliptical workout tips

So to burn more fat when doing your elliptical workout, change things up. Go forward and back. Add in some incline (if your elliptical has this option) to change the slope of your elliptical pathway. Add in high resistance intervals from time to time

Some people also like to use handweights instead of the armbars for different arm motions. You can also find elliptical that change the actual elliptical motion, which will also keep your body from adapting - and keep the fat burning turned on high.

#3 Vary Your Workout Times

Instead of working out an hour once a day, try changing your workout time and split it up. Try 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon for example. Why?

Well, after a workout, your metabolism usually stays elevated for a few hours. So when you split your workout in half, you can double this effect and have a higher metabolism for longer. So you burn more calories post workout.

So those are 3 easy ways to burn more calories with an elliptical trainer workout. Remember to only do what you can and listen to your body whenever you are exercising!

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