NOrdictrack 990

by Dan
(Washington DC)

Got this about 6 months ago after reading a lot of (mostly positive) reviews including the one from this website (thanks for giving the pros AND cons by the way, something I didn't find on other sites).

We got the newer version, which has some upgrades over last year's version including the iFit and the 3 different pedal positions.

Have to say, it's pretty decent. I like the fact you can change the ramp settings from the console without having to get off the machine - and it does work my legs quite a bit.

It's not necessarily up to the standard of the trainers you see in the gyms - but then again, it's also not $3000 either - which I think is crazy to spend on a fitness machine. It's held up pretty well for me so far and I feel like I get a good workout on it. I would rate this about 4 stars overall.

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