Yowza Captiva Elliptical Review

Is It Right For You?

Yowza Captiva

Price: $ 1999
Stride Length: 18 - 32”
Incline? Yes
Resistance Levels: 16
iPod Dock? Yes
User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

yowza captiva elliptical trainer


The Yowza Captiva elliptical trainer has something completely different – the CardioCore upper body arm bars that move side to side (instead of forward and back), helping build your core and wittle your waist.

This is also an adjustable stride elliptical – in fact you get 15 different elliptical motions to choose from. So you can go from a standard 18" elliptical stride up to a 32" hurdling type motion. You can also store the information for up to 9 different users, making this elliptical great for multiple user families.

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Yowza captiva elliptical trainer consol

Our Review:

The Yowza Captiva elliptical is a commercial grade variable motion elliptical that will challenge you for years to come.

Not many people know about Yowza - however they have been around for over 4 years now and are building an enthusiastic following online.

The company itself is actually headed up by the former CEO of Smooth - so they know what they're doing. And they seem intent on building the strength of their brand on the quality of their machines alone - no fancy advertising campaigns or chain-store distribution.

The Yowza Captiva elliptical is one of their best models with something completely different - Cardio Core arms.

Unlike standard elliptical armbars that move forward and back, these arms move side to side (kind of like a steering wheel - but tougher). This actually engages your core muscles and helps to trim your waist.

Another unique option about this elliptical is the Variable Motion option. You can choose from 15 different elliptical motions, from a shorter stair-stepping motion to a long cross-country like skiing motion.

So you're engaging all of your lower body muscles and really giving your body an intense challenge. By changing the different motions, you also change the stride lengths as well.

You can go from a stride of 18" all the way up to 32". That makes this elliptical ideal for multiple user families and ensures that everyone can find a stride that feels right for them.

The machine itself is tough, rugged and stable. It's also very heavy (so make sure you know exactly where you want it the first time as it's not so easy to move around once assembled).

And just to give you an idea of the quality of construction on this unit, the warranty is one of the best in the industry - Lifetime on frame and brakes, 5 years on parts and electronics and 2 years on in-home service.

Another thing we like is that Yowza offers a 60 day money-back guarantee to make sure you're happy with the elliptical - much longer than other brands.

You also get all the standard fun stuff you'd expect at this price point - iPod dock, wireless heart rate control, built-in fan and backlit console.

Any drawbacks?

Not really, however this may not be the best machine for budget buyers for obvious reasons.

Also, as stated above, this machine gives you a very challenging workout. So for new exercisers, they may find they have to start out slow on the lowest resistance levels and the standard elliptical motion first until their fitness level climbs.

How To Save:

You can buy the Yowza Captiva elliptical machine direct from the Manufacturer here. Our visitors can save by clicking on the link above and using the coupon at the top of the page.

Recommended For:

  • Users of Any Height
  • Beginner to Serious Exercisers
  • Those Looking Dynamic Motions
  • Multiple User Families

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