Yowza Pompano Elliptical Review

Is It Right For You?

Yowza Pompano

Price: $ 1499
Stride Length: 20”
Incline? Yes
Resistance Levels: 16
iPod Dock? Yes
User Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Yowza Pompano Elliptical


Want to trim your waist as you workout? You can with the Yowza Pompano elliptical. It comes with Yowza’s special CardioCore arms that move in a side to side direction (like a steering wheel motion) to work your core and wittle your waist.

You also get an attractive two-tiered console (handy for storing your iPod or mp3 player), a power incline and a 3 speed fan to keep you cool.

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Yowza Pompano elliptical trainer consol

Our Review:

The Yowza Pompano elliptical is the most affordable Yowza model with the popular CardioCore arms.

These arms are different from standard elliptical arm bars. Instead of moving forward and back, they move side to side - like a steering wheel (but harder).

The advantage to this is that it trims your core and whittles your waist instead of just working your arms as other crosstrainers do.

And you can change your hand position on the moving handles to target different areas like your abs, back and shoulder muscles.

You also get a generous 20" stride - which is the ideal stride for most users. You get full extension of your lower body muscles and get a more effective workout.

Another thing you'll like are the padded footpedals that roll back and forth, following and supporting the motion of your ankle. This helps to cut down on impact (vs static foot pedals that are fixed in place) and reduces knee and ankle strain.

The Pompano also carries a lot of fun features that are popular with buyers like a 3 speed, built-in fan, iPod dock with speakers and heart rate monitor.

You also get 12 built-in workout programs. There are 9 different user profiles which store your weight, height and gender for each user - to give you more accurate workout feedback.

The console is two-tiered with a space for your iPod (or other device) and backlit. While it's simpler than Yowza's other consoles, it's intuitive and easy to use.

Any drawbacks?

The Yowza Pompano elliptical is not as well known as other models like the Captiva - and it does not come with the Variable motion (different elliptical pathways) that the Captiva offers. Then again, it's also $500 less, so it depends on what you really want.

Also, the CardioCore arms may be challenging at first for people that are used to working out on regular ellipticals.

How To Save:

You can save on the Pompano elliptical direct from the Yowza Manufacturer. Our visitors can save by clicking on the link above and using the coupon at the top of the page.

Recommended For:

  • Frequent Use
  • Multi-User Families
  • Beginner to Experienced Exercisers

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